What is cabinet restoration? When can I do it?

What is cabinet restoration? It is something that many people wonder when they see their cabinet in poor condition. Maybe you see it right now and say when can I do it?

In this post we will talk about cabinet restoration. Because every day it’s more common that instead of buying new furniture, people choose to hire a cabinet restoration services.

We can provide you with cabinet restoration service. If you have a piece of furniture at home that you think requires a makeover, we can help you. In this article we will talk about what you will get with us and also what restoration is along with essential steps to do it.

Cabinet painting services

When choosing cabinet painting services, you have to see that they comply with the elementary steps. So that they do the work with the best quality and that this piece of furniture looks as if you just brought it from the store, or better.

Nice sanding job

When professionals begin their work, surely when they study the condition of the cabinet, they will sand it before painting. It is something that we suggest and that our professionals do, since it is important to remove the old varnish.

Also, sanding is done in the direction of the wood grain. When they finish, they clean and continue with the other step according to the piece they are working on.

Average cost to paint kitchen cabinets

About the average cost to paint kitchen cabinets, everything will always depend on its size, the conditions it is in when you call us and what you want with it.

What we can tell you are that our costs are the most affordable on the market and that is not why we work with poor quality products. On the contrary, we use the best and hand in hand with professionals in the field.

When it comes to painting a piece of furniture, we use two essential materials. The brush and the trowel for corners and grooves, as well as a small foam or wool roller for larger spaces.

We also handle other painting tools that we use depending on the type of furniture we are restoring. But we guarantee that the final finish is better than you expect.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Near Me

If you are looking for professional painting of kitchen cabinets near me, you should know that you read the correct entry. We can offer you the service to restore that piece of furniture in your kitchen that needs a makeover.

Keep in mind that the objective of sanding is not to remove the previous material, but to be sure that the surface is smooth. Which will allow the new product to adhere.

The paint we apply lasts longer

We have already told you that our products are top quality, but not only that, because we apply the necessary products so that the cabinet has. In addition to the desired appearance, durability in its paint, because it is totally protected.

The best kitchen cabinet painters near me

When it comes to the best kitchen cabinet painters near me, you should know that with us you will have a service that we can schedule soon to come to your property, see the cabinet and give you the best quote on the market.

Our professionals know how to do their job, they polish, leave the surfaces in perfect condition and before even putting a dot of paint on the wood. They take care of placing a sealant. The idea of ​​which is to eliminate the porosity of the surface, which guarantees a better paint adhesion.

Plus, it saves you a lot of money because subsequent coats of paint are saved and it will last longer. Our experts check at the beginning that the sealing layer is completely dry.

One thing we do not do is dilute the sealer with thinner or water to render it. Because this can affect the final result and will reduce its power.

Depending on the space, brushes, rollers or paint guns are used to cover the furniture evenly, taking care of the aesthetics in the painting process, without leaving grooves behind or the final result being a monstrous and poorly finished piece.

The professional work that we carry out leaves as a result a delicate, aesthetic, decorative finish and according to the type of cabinet that we restore.

Local Cabinet Painters

Local cabinet painters like us can restore your kitchen cabinet or any cabinet in your home. Just call us and make an appointment to assess the condition and what your furniture requires.

Continuing with the painting process, after the process is completed, we proceed to locate the piece and let it dry for at least 24 hours. rRemaining in a safe space, this in case we have disassembled it for a better restoration.

final tips

These final tips are something that our professionals know very well and follow in every job they do:

• When they sand, they do so with the appropriate porosity sandpaper and with fastening elements to be able to move the abrasive paper comfortably according to the area where they work.

• Sanding is done in the direction of the grain of the wood. So as not to mistreat it and to make it look better.

• When they are sanding, dust is spread, so they do it in an area where they do not disturb others and they have the necessary protection elements.

• Sometimes they can use electric sanders, leaving a better result in the quality of the cabinet.

• We are clear that the perfect finish is achieved when you have the best materials. That’s why in our inventory the first quality is the number 1 requirement.

You can see that restoring a piece of furniture is more than just sanding and painting over it. It is a job that requires dedication, hard work, and knowledge, in order to achieve the best results. We can help you restore that cabinet in your kitchen that deserves a second life.

And the important question that we have not yet answered: When can I do it? Simply when your cabinets are made of wood, because paint should not be applied to other materials.

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