5 tips for painting interiors. No trick or treat

In this post we have 5 tips for painting interiors. No trick or treat, the plan is for you to know what a top-quality interior paint job requires.

Although the title says 5 tips, we will give you many more. Each one of them comes along with others that are intrinsic and that without them you would not have an ideal final finish.

A piece of advice that is not included in the 5 of this, but that encompasses everything is that if you have doubts about how to paint. Hire the professionals who are going to leave you the perfect property, with your walls just as you want them, like from a magazine.

Let’s go then with those tips that will help you paint perfect interiors.


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First tip: Prepare the surface


We know that when painting you have to prepare the surface, a successful job begins with this step. Which means every hole, crack, dent and detail in the wall has to be scraped, sanded, patched and filled.

Maybe it’s not the fun part of painting, but it’s the most important. Imagine a wall painted with the best product but with a crack, it would be horrible.

Something that our professionals know is that in addition to repairing walls. They have to choose the correct paint, suitable for the wall and of the highest quality, washable and with a color that adheres correctly.


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Second tip: use primer


For those cases where there is something wrong with the wall or it has been a long time since it was painted. It is best to cover that surface with a coat of primer before you paint.

It is what we recommend to our clients. In addition, when they start painting, they use top quality brushes, guns or rollers, so that the paint caresses the wall and adheres naturally.


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Third tip: The roof


Our professionals usually follow an order when they are painting interiors. The rule is that you have to start from the top down. That is, you start by painting the ceiling and continue with the walls and finally the frames, windows and doors.

Something that our professionals also know is that it is not recommended to paint on very hot or humid days. Because it will take longer for the paint to dry completely and for the odors to go away quickly.


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A good interior painting service is aware of the following advice that we are going to give you:


Fourth tip: The walls


When painting the walls it is important to keep in mind that it has to be applied from top to bottom, painting sections of about 60 by 60 cm. It is a technique that helps to better spread the paint over the surface. In addition to it allows the control of areas where there is a hole or accumulated paint.

They also know that thin layers are applied. Not using more paint to finish faster, but the necessary one so that it dries quickly and the work is uniform.

In addition, they take care of the lighting, because when they have it correct, it helps them to see parts where it has not been covered well and some errors that occur in the painting, being able to better appreciate the color that was chosen.

They open the windows when painting where the lighting enters better and if they have to use artificial light they do so to pay attention to every detail.


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Fifth tip: frames, windows and doors


After the ceiling and walls have been painted, it is necessary to let them dry and move on to windows and doors. The use of brushes is recommended for each section.

In addition, you have to take into account:

• Apply a coat of paint or two depending on the quality that remains the color that is sought and how the final finish looks.

Rough walls tend to absorb between 30 and 50% more paint. So it is necessary to apply more if you want better results.

• For smooth walls it is best to use a roller for a better finish.

Something that our professionals know is that they bring painter’s tape in their toolbox, because this gets a better job. It can be painted faster and when the protected surface is removed it is perfect, without a drop of paint.

Painter’s tape can be used to your advantage, as if you’re painting a striped accent wall. It will look perfect when you use the tape.

An additional piece of advice as a closing bonus is that it has to be allowed to dry completely, whether more layers need to be painted or if the work is already done, it has to be allowed to dry completely. The least is about 24 hours for the result to be seen and apply again if necessary.

Our professionals know that and our mission when starting to paint the interior of your property is that those walls and spaces look like new, just as you want.

Don’t think about it anymore; ask for a quote right now.

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